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Celia is OVER

Romance for Ashlee Simpson
Plus, get the gossip on Ashanti, Halle Berry and more

Friday Jul 23, 2004 6:00am EST

Ashlee Simpson

Those Simpson sisters, they share everything – including aspiring pop star Ryan Cabrera. Twenty-year-old Cabrera, whose debut album hits stores next month, is opening for Jessica on some dates of her Reality tour … and he's also dating younger sis Ashlee, 19. "I'm with Ryan," she told us at the release party for her own CD, Autobiography, at New York nightspot PM this week. The 5-month-old pair recently reconciled after a brief hiatus, she said, because "we like each other too much." Ashlee, who is finished with her role on The WB show 7th Heaven (though she may go back for guest spots) and is pursuing a movie career, told us she had hesitated to get into the music biz. "I was more shy (than Jessica) about singing," Ashlee says. "I never really knew I could do a record. It's something I always really, really wanted, but I didn't know because I kind of felt like that's her thing, I don't need to do that. But I really wanted to – so I just did it." The two sisters are planning to share something else this holiday season: Their father, Joe, tells us that Ashlee will join Jessica for a duet on her Christmas album.
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