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The Drama of the Camdens

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all entries were made friends only shortly after September 1, 2004 ... so in order to view what is being said in the community you must join the community and friend it .. other wise this will seem like a dead non active community.

This community is designed to be a fun place for fans to talk about the show
7th Heaven.


A functional family in America? That's just the story that 7TH HEAVEN creator Brenda Hampton presented to prolific producer Aaron Spelling and the concept for the critically acclaimed family drama was born.

7TH HEAVEN has captured the essence of family and the hearts of television audiences with its witty, charming and heartwarming look at the Camdens --a minister, his wife and their seven children as they live, love and laugh together. The series tackles a range of issues, from teen sex to drugs and alcoholism, guns, racism, homelessness, in a realistic, compelling and entertaining way.


1. Please type using correct grammar and normal non-caps.
dO nOt wRiTe LyK Dis!!

2. Because 7th Heaven has fans worldwide I ask that if you are going to talk about recent episodes (those on the WB) you LJ-CUT. That rule is non-negotionable. If you dont lj-cut and give me or any other member the run around about it ... you WILL be banned from this community. No questions asked.

3. Spoliers are to be put behind an LJ-cut.

4. No flamewars with other members.

5. I prefer there be NO promoting done here ... but keep in mind that if you do promote in my community I will promote right back in yours and you will promtly be banned from this community. thanks.

The first mistake is a warning, but the second will result in removal from this community.

If you have any questions please contact smsaint2001