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Hello my new community!! :-) My love for 7th Heaven is a recent thing. I think it was early in the new year when I found it on ABC family and started to get interested. I've been watching the reruns on the chanel for sometime now. I love everyone on the show; mostly anyway. My least favorite character is Mary...and in the newer ones I don't care for Chandlier much either. My all-time fave is Matt. He's such a cutie!! :-D

I saw the scariest episode ever on Friday! When that Johnny kid threatened to shoot Simon and then ended up shooting the reverand!!! Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe something like that had happened! I was in shock for a while.

Okay, I haven't seen the newest episodes, but the newest one I ever saw was a cliff hanger. I can't remember what was going on with the reverand, but Lucy thought she was pregnant. I have to know, was she? It's been driving my nuts! I watched all through the reruns to see the second part to it, but after that episode played again it went back to the beginning of the series.
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