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[27 Apr 2005|07:31pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

omg i misssed this week's episode cuz i was watching a movie and had to return it the next day, can any 1 fill me in ?

7th Heaven

[29 Jan 2005|08:05pm]


Lucy Friends Only BannerCollapse )

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[01 Sep 2004|09:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've always wondered, of what religion do they belong to?

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New to the Comm. [31 Aug 2004|01:39am]

First like everyone here I love 7th Heaven!

I have a couple of questions. Are the episodes on fox family @ 7pm eastern time the newest-newest ones? Or are there newer(haha is that even a word?) ones coming out in sept on wb like said in an earlier post?
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[30 Aug 2004|07:18pm]

ahahahaha, Ruthie is a woman!

I hate this episode, but the part where simon was all concerned and begging her to talk to him was so SWEET.

ruthie is a pain in the booty sometimes man!
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Newbie! [29 Aug 2004|07:12pm]

Hey Everyone
My name is Janine I am 19 and a big fan of 7th Heaven. My favorite charcter is Lucy and the hottest character is a tie between Simon and Matt ( I can't decide ahhhhh)


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hi. [29 Aug 2004|12:07pm]


I wanted to know what has been going on, on 7th Heaven lately because the last show I watched was the one where Simon was depressed over hitting the kid with his car.Collapse )

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[26 Aug 2004|01:21pm]
Hey, I joined a few days ago so thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm Jemma, 19 and come from UK. I'm a fan of 7th Heaven. I remember watching it for the first time when I was 13. 7th Heaven is unknown here but we do get episodes on cable. I've been watching the old episodes [damn Britain for not showing new episodes :(] every weekday at 11am :) Just watched Words today where Ruthie's teacher called her stupid and it broke my heart when she went to Lucy and told her to teach her how to not get so hurt by these comments - or something like that. Awwh!

So anyway, hi :)
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[16 Aug 2004|08:59pm]

the new season of 7th heaven starts in less than a month! i'm so excited! september 13th.. its not soon enough!
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newbie [13 Aug 2004|03:19pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey, im new to this community. I love 7th Heaven! Its a great show..my fave characters are Simon, Ruthie, Lucy, and Kevin...but I still love the rest of the family. Theyre all great! And I think Sam and David are so adorable.

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Newbie. [06 Aug 2004|09:51pm]

Hey, I'm new to the community and I love 7th Heaven. Since I've been on vacation, I've seen many of the episodes. I really enjoy them. :o)
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season premier [24 Jul 2004|01:24pm]

[ mood | blank ]

when does the season start?

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Celia is OVER [23 Jul 2004|08:25pm]

Romance for Ashlee Simpson
Plus, get the gossip on Ashanti, Halle Berry and more

Friday Jul 23, 2004 6:00am EST

Ashlee Simpson

Those Simpson sisters, they share everything – including aspiring pop star Ryan Cabrera. Twenty-year-old Cabrera, whose debut album hits stores next month, is opening for Jessica on some dates of her Reality tour … and he's also dating younger sis Ashlee, 19. "I'm with Ryan," she told us at the release party for her own CD, Autobiography, at New York nightspot PM this week. The 5-month-old pair recently reconciled after a brief hiatus, she said, because "we like each other too much." Ashlee, who is finished with her role on The WB show 7th Heaven (though she may go back for guest spots) and is pursuing a movie career, told us she had hesitated to get into the music biz. "I was more shy (than Jessica) about singing," Ashlee says. "I never really knew I could do a record. It's something I always really, really wanted, but I didn't know because I kind of felt like that's her thing, I don't need to do that. But I really wanted to – so I just did it." The two sisters are planning to share something else this holiday season: Their father, Joe, tells us that Ashlee will join Jessica for a duet on her Christmas album.
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new season! [23 Jul 2004|09:09pm]
[ mood | sad ]

The new season is going to be starting not too much longer now, who is excited?

I am so excited!!! I can't wait.
spoiler from the season finaleCollapse )


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[10 Jul 2004|10:35pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Hello my new community!! :-) My love for 7th Heaven is a recent thing. I think it was early in the new year when I found it on ABC family and started to get interested. I've been watching the reruns on the chanel for sometime now. I love everyone on the show; mostly anyway. My least favorite character is Mary...and in the newer ones I don't care for Chandlier much either. My all-time fave is Matt. He's such a cutie!! :-D

The episode that scared me and a question about something more recent.Collapse )

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David Gallagher Icon [09 Jul 2004|09:56pm]

Hey guys! I made an icon of "Simon" for someone, but it turned out that she wanted a different style (no hard feelings or anything of course), so I figured I could just post it here for anyone who wants it. I don't blame you if you don't; it's not very good. I'm definitely an amateur. :o)

Anyway, here it is:

Simon Camden...all grown upCollapse )
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New [08 Jul 2004|11:11am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey im new to this community...tahnk you for letting me join. I'm a huge 7th Heaven fan and try to watch it as much as posible when im not working. I've watched it for so long that i feel like i kinda know these people (weird i know) but thank you again for letting me join!

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*~I'm New~* [07 Jul 2004|08:09pm]

hey im new to the community! and i just absolutely love 7th heaven but i miss the episode on Monday night (i know they are reruns) but i still watch them! cause i was out with my best friends. =( what episode was it?! and i hope to talk to all of you soon! thanks for letting me join! see ya!
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JUST JOINED! [24 Jun 2004|09:08am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi everyone im new to this community and i love 7th heaven and my fav character is simon and if i had to pick a girl character it would probally be ruthie but i dont know.peter her b/f is cool. I also like the characters mary and lucy...i also like kevin...oh yea the twins are so cute SAM and David!

7th Heaven

[03 Jun 2004|08:01pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I loved the ending of the season finale! I hope Lucy has twins! by the way...im new names caitlin

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